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Gratitude Shmatitude, Don’t Just Think it, Do it!

In Gratitude Shmatitude, we learn that being grateful for something or to someone should never be overwhelming or obligatory. Rather, it is an experiential practice of happiness and connection to nature, people, and ourselves. Whether you work through this book in days, weeks, or months, it will guide you on your journey toward habitualizing gratitude and making it a conscious daily practice.

This practical guide demands that you don’t merely think about gratitude but do it too. Chapters are divided into two parts; think and do. The ‘think it’ part includes stories and sometimes facts for contemplation and the ‘do it’ part at the end of each chapter includes actionable steps to take and explore gratitude.

Gratitude as a practice can help you put things in perspective. It is an effective tool we can use to bring ourselves into the present moment. It asks us to consciously focus our attention on what is happening now with openness and acceptance. A routine practice can strengthen feelings in you of compassion, warmth, and tenderness. Gratitude is powerful. It transforms lives. It can restore your faith in humanity. It can remind you that dreams can destroy your mediocrity, that life is beautiful and the fact that we indeed exist on this planet shooting through space is nothing short of a miracle.

By the end of this book, you just might step into a life filled with gratitude. It’s all up to you.

About the Author

Amy and her dog KikiAmy Adams is a creative entrepreneur, writer, producer, and visual artist. She is the editor of Conscious Life Space an online publication and podcast. A yogini and level one Reiki practitioner, Amy shares her life experiences and lessons to guide us to a sometimes weedy but always grateful path. She studied at Fairleigh Dickinson University and at The University of Art & Design, Cluj-Napoca where she received her MFA in painting.

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38 38Shares A love bag is easy to put together and can make a positive difference in someone’s day. A love bag is simply a bag filled with consumable goodies and a message of love. I hand them out as gifts to homeless people around Santa Cruz when we go into town.



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